Auto Loan Calculator

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Auto Loan Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator

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Using the Auto Loan Calculator Effectively

Although the loan calculator may not provide absolute accuracy due to slight variations in financing among lenders, it can offer you a close approximation of the monthly payment you can anticipate when searching for a new or used vehicle.

You have the option to compare payments for different loan terms and interest rates, allowing you to determine your maximum vehicle price. Additionally, you can utilize it to compare a loan payment versus leasing.

Here are further explanations of the fields in the above form:

Vehicle price – the cost of the vehicle following negotiations, including any add-ons and accessories.

Warranty price – the price of an extended warranty, if you decide to purchase one.

Sales tax – the applicable sales tax rate in your area, if applicable.

Trade-in value – the value of your current vehicle if you plan to trade it in.

Down payment – the amount of cash you intend to pay upfront at the time of purchase.

Interest rate – the annual interest rate of the loan, which may vary based on market rates and your credit rating.

Loan term – the duration in terms of monthly payments for repaying the loan.

You may also find our fuel savings calculator or electric car savings calculator useful in determining the amount you can save on fuel expenses. Opting for a more fuel-efficient vehicle could potentially result in lower monthly costs, even with an equivalent loan payment.

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