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Fuel injector flow rate can measured in both cc/min or lb/hr. that means If you’ve calculated the fuel injector flow rate in lb/hr, you may need to convert it to cc/min, or vice-versa.

Converting lb/hr to cc/min and cc/min to lb/hr: Simplifying Fuel Flow Rate Conversions

Converting fuel flow rates between pounds per hour (lb/hr) and cubic centimeters per minute (cc/min) can be a useful process in automotive calculations. Here's how you can perform these conversions:

1. Converting lb/hr to cc/min:

To convert fuel flow rate from lb/hr to cc/min, you can use the following formula:
cc/min = lb/hr × 10.5(alert-success)

Let's demonstrate this conversion with an example. Consider converting 40 lb/hr to cc/min.

cc/min = 40 lb/hr × 10.5
cc/min = 420

Therefore, 40 lb/hr is equivalent to 420 cc/min.(alert-passed)

2. Converting cc/min to lb/hr:

To convert fuel flow rate from cc/min to lb/hr, you can modify the formula mentioned earlier:
lb/hr = cc/min ÷ 10.5 (alert-success)

Let's illustrate this conversion with a different example. Convert 1,800 cc/min to lb/hr.

lb/hr = 1,800 ÷ 10.5
lb/hr = 171.43

Hence, 1,800 cc/min is approximately equal to 171.43 lb/hr.(alert-passed)

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