How To Estimating Electric Car Charging Costs

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Electric Vehicle Charging Cost Calculator

Electric Vehicle Charging Cost Calculator

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How To Estimating Electric Car Charging Costs: A Greener and Cost-effective Solution

In today's world, conventional cars heavily rely on fossil fuels, resulting in excessive CO2 emissions and environmental degradation. However, electric vehicles (EVs) offer a promising solution. They not only reduce carbon footprints but also provide a more affordable driving experience.

While fuel cost savings are one of the significant advantages of electric cars, determining the precise cost to charge them can be a bit challenging. Thankfully, there are simple formulas to help you calculate this cost accurately.

To calculate the expense of charging an electric car from empty to full, multiply the battery capacity (in kilowatt-hours) by the electricity cost per kilowatt-hour.

Here's the Electric Vechile Charging Cost formula:

Charging Cost = Battery Capacity (in kWh) × Electricity Cost (per kWh)(alert-passed)

The electricity rate may vary, but the national average is approximately 13.87 cents per kilowatt-hour. You can find your specific electricity cost on your electric bill or by using our electricity cost calculator.

For instance, let's estimate the charging cost of a Tesla Model S with a 100 kWh battery capacity.

Charging Cost = 100 kWh × $0.1487
Charging Cost = $14.87 per full charge

Hence, charging a Tesla Model S to full capacity will cost approximately $14.87.

To provide further insight, the table below displays the average charging costs for various battery capacities based on the national average electricity rate.

Battery Capacity (kWh)Average Charge Cost
5 kWh$0.69
10 kWh$1.39
15 kWh$2.08
20 kWh$2.77
25 kWh$3.47
30 kWh$4.16
35 kWh$4.85
40 kWh$5.55
45 kWh$6.24
50 kWh$6.94
55 kWh$7.63
60 kWh$8.32
65 kWh$9.02
70 kWh$9.71
75 kWh$10.40
80 kWh$11.10
85 kWh$11.79
90 kWh$12.48
95 kWh$13.18
100 kWh$13.87
110 kWh$15.26
120 kWh$16.64
130 kWh$18.03
140 kWh$19.42
150 kWh$20.81

For further assistance, we recommend utilizing our charging time calculator.

We also provide the following automotive resources to enhance your knowledge and facilitate your calculations:

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By utilizing these resources and accurately estimating charging costs, you can embrace a greener and more cost-effective driving experience. Electric vehicles not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also offer long-term financial benefits.

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