How to Calculate Estimate Charging Time of Electric Vehicle

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Electric Vehicle Charging Time Calculator

Electric Vehicle Charging Time Calculator

Enter the battery capacity and charge level along with the charging power below.

Estimating Charging Time for Electric Vehicles

Determining the time required to charge an electric vehicle (EV) battery depends on several key factors, such as charging power, battery size, and the current charge level. These factors collectively influence the charging time.

The capacity of an EV battery is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), which indicates the amount of energy it can store. Charging power, on the other hand, determines the speed of the charge and is measured in kilowatts (kW).

To calculate the estimated charging time for an electric car, you can use the following formula:

                  Charge Time = (Battery Capacity / Charge Power) × 0.9(alert-success)

In simpler terms, the charging time in hours is obtained by dividing the battery's size in kilowatt-hours by the charging power and multiplying it by 0.9, representing the average power efficiency.

Let's consider an example to estimate the charging time for a 2021 Tesla Model 3 with a 50 kWh battery capacity using a 3.7 kW home charger.

Charge Time = (50 kWh / 3.7 kW) × 0.9

Charge Time = (50 kWh / 3.7 kW) × 0.9

Charge Time = 15.015 hours

Therefore, it will take approximately 15 hours to fully charge a Tesla Model 3 with a 50 kWh battery using a 3.7 kW home charger.

It's worth noting that most EV batteries are not completely depleted when charging begins, so charging from 0% to 100% capacity is not always necessary. Charging to a partial capacity can reduce the overall charging time.

Home chargers typically have a capacity of 7.7 kWh or lower, while public chargers often fall into the fast or rapid charging range of 11 kW to 50 kW. Moreover, chargers delivering 100 kW or higher charging power are increasingly common.

For more information on the cost of charging an electric vehicle at home, you can explore our charging cost calculator.

To get an idea of average charging times for EV batteries using different chargers, refer to the chart below:

Battery Capacity (kWh)Charger
2.4 kW3.7 kW7.7 kW11 kW22 kW50 kW100 kW120 kW
5 kWh2h 19m1h 31m0h 44m0h 31m0h 16m0h 7m0h 4m0h 3m
10 kWh4h 38m3h 1m1h 27m1h 1m0h 31m0h 14m0h 7m0h 6m
15 kWh6h 57m4h 31m2h 10m1h 31m0h 46m0h 20m0h 10m0h 9m
20 kWh9h 16m6h 1m2h 54m2h 2m1h 1m0h 27m0h 14m0h 12m
25 kWh11h 35m7h 31m3h 37m2h 32m1h 16m0h 34m0h 17m0h 14m
30 kWh13h 54m9h 1m4h 20m3h 2m1h 31m0h 40m0h 20m0h 17m
35 kWh16h 13m10h 31m5h 4m3h 33m1h 47m0h 47m0h 24m0h 20m
40 kWh18h 32m12h 1m5h 47m4h 3m2h 2m0h 54m0h 27m0h 23m
45 kWh20h 50m13h 31m6h 30m4h 33m2h 17m1h0h 30m0h 25m
50 kWh23h 9m15h 1m7h 13m5h 4m2h 32m1h 7m0h 34m0h 28m
55 kWh25h 28m16h 31m7h 57m5h 34m2h 47m1h 14m0h 37m0h 31m
60 kWh27h 47m18h 2m8h 40m6h 4m3h 2m1h 20m0h 40m0h 34m
65 kWh30h 6m19h 32m9h 23m6h 34m3h 17m1h 27m0h 44m0h 37m
70 kWh32h 25m21h 2m10h 7m7h 5m3h 33m1h 34m0h 47m0h 39m
75 kWh34h 44m22h 32m10h 50m7h 35m3h 48m1h 40m0h 50m0h 42m
80 kWh37h 3m24h 2m11h 33m8h 5m4h 3m1h 47m0h 54m0h 45m
85 kWh39h 22m25h 32m12h 16m8h 36m4h 18m1h 54m0h 57m0h 48m
90 kWh41h 40m27h 2m13h9h 6m4h 33m2h1h0h 50m
95 kWh43h 59m28h 32m13h 43m9h 36m4h 48m2h 7m1h 4m0h 53m
100 kWh46h 18m30h 2m14h 26m10h 7m5h 4m2h 14m1h 7m0h 56m
110 kWh50h 56m33h 2m15h 53m11h 7m5h 34m2h 27m1h 14m1h 2m
120 kWh55h 34m36h 3m17h 19m12h 8m6h 4m2h 40m1h 20m1h 7m
130 kWh60h 12m39h 3m18h 46m13h 8m6h 34m2h 54m1h 27m1h 13m
140 kWh64h 49m42h 3m20h 13m14h 9m7h 5m3h 7m1h 34m1h 18m
150 kWh69h 27m45h 3m21h 39m15h 10m7h 35m3h 20m1h 40m1h 24m

Estimating the charging time for your electric vehicle can help you plan and manage your charging needs more effectively. By understanding these factors, you can ensure your EV is charged efficiently and ready for your next journey.

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