Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency Converter

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Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency Converter

Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency Converter

Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency Conversion Calculators

Explore our comprehensive collection of conversion calculators for various units of electric car efficiency. Simply choose one from the options below:

1. Kilometer per kilowatt-hour converters
2. Mile per kilowatt-hour converters
3. Mile per gallon gasoline equivalent converters
4. Kilowatt-hour per 100 kilometers converters
5. Kilowatt-hour per 100 miles converters

Units of Electric Car Efficiency Measurement Electric car efficiency can be measured using different units, including:

- Kilometers per kilowatt-hour
- Miles per kilowatt-hour
- Miles per gallon gasoline equivalent
- Kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers
- Kilowatt-hours per 100 miles

Electric Car Efficiency Unit Conversion Table

Here's an overview of equivalent electric car efficiency measurements in both metric and imperial units.

Convert FromKilometer Per Kilowatt-hourMile Per Kilowatt-hourMile Per Gallon Gasoline EquivalentKilowatt-hour Per 100 KilometersKilowatt-hour Per 100 Miles
1 kilometer per kilowatt-hour =1 km/kWh0.621371 mi/kWh20.943316 MPGe100 kWh/100km160.9344 kWh/100mi
1 mile per kilowatt-hour =1.609344 km/kWh1 mi/kWh33.705 MPGe62.137119 kWh/100km100 kWh/100mi
1 mile per gallon gasoline equivalent =0.047748 km/kWh0.029669 mi/kWh1 MPGe2,094 kWh/100km3,371 kWh/100mi
1 kilowatt-hour per 100 kilometers =100 km/kWh62.137119 mi/kWh2,094 MPGe1 kWh/100km1.609344 kWh/100mi
1 kilowatt-hour per 100 miles =160.9344 km/kWh100 mi/kWh3,371 MPGe0.621371 kWh/100km1 kWh/100mi

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