Calculating Engine Displacement: How To Determining the Size of an Engine

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Engine Displacement Calculator

Engine Displacement Calculator

Enter the bore size, stroke length in inches and the number of cylinders to calculate the engine displacement.

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Calculating Engine Displacement: How To Determining the Size of an Engine

Engine displacement refers to the total volume of air displaced by all the pistons in an internal combustion engine. It serves as a measure of the combined cylinder volume within the motor and is vital for determining factors like compression ratio and indicating engine size.

To calculate engine displacement, you can use the following formula:

Displacement = (π/4) × b² × s × c

In this equation, "b" represents the bore size, "s" denotes the stroke length, and "c" signifies the number of cylinders.

Let's illustrate the calculation by considering an example. Suppose we have a motor with a bore size of 3.7 inches, a stroke length of 3.2 inches, and 6 cylinders.

Displacement = (π/4) × 3.7² × 3.2 × 6
Displacement = 0.78539816339 × 13.69 × 3.2 × 6
Displacement = 262.682 cu in

Engine displacement is often measured in liters, cubic centimeters (cc), or cubic inches (cu in). If the bore and stroke measurements are in inches, the result from the above formula will be in cubic inches. If the measurements are in centimeters, the result will be in cubic centimeters.

To convert the displacement to liters, you can use a cubic inches to liters conversion calculator or multiply the cubic inches by 0.016387.

In addition to engine displacement, you might also find our engine horsepower and engine torque calculators of interest. These resources can provide further insights into different aspects of engine performance.

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By utilizing these resources and understanding engine displacement, you can effectively assess and comprehend the size and performance characteristics of an engine.

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