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Fraction to Ratio Calculator

Fraction to Ratio Calculator



Steps to Convert a Fraction to Ratio:

To convert a fraction to a ratio, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Simplify and Convert to an Improper Fraction

First, simplify the fraction if it is not already in its simplest form. If the fraction is a mixed number, convert it to an improper fraction.

For example, let's convert the fraction 1/2 to a ratio. Since it is already in its simplest form, we don't need to simplify it further.

Step 2: Rewrite as a Ratio

The next step is to rewrite the fraction as a ratio. In a ratio, the numerator represents one part of the whole, and the denominator represents the total number of parts.

Continuing with the example of 1/2:

1/2 can be expressed as the ratio 1:2.

Therefore, the ratio equivalent of 1/2 is 1:2.

Remember, the numerator of the fraction becomes the first number in the ratio, and the denominator becomes the second number.(alert-success)

Using these steps, you can easily convert a fraction to a ratio.

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