Fuel Economy Converter

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Fuel Economy Converter

Fuel Economy Converter

Fuel Economy Conversion Calculators

Explore our comprehensive collection of conversion calculators for various units of fuel economy. Simply choose one from the options below:

- Most Popular:

  1. mpg to km/L converter
  2. km/L to mpg converter
  3. mpg to L/100km converter
  4. L/100km to mpg converter

Fuel Economy Units

Fuel economy is a measure of a vehicle's efficiency and can be represented in different units, including:

- Kilometers per liter converters
- Liters per 100 kilometers converters
- Mile per gallon (US) converters
- Mile per gallon (UK) converters

Fuel Economy Unit Conversion Table

Here's an overview of equivalent fuel economy measurements in both metric and imperial units.

Convert FromKilometer Per LiterLiter Per 100 KilometersMile Per Gallon (US)Mile Per Gallon (UK)
1 kilometer per liter =1 km/L100 L/100km2.352145 mpg (US)2.82481 mpg (UK)
1 liter per 100 kilometers =100 km/L1 L/100km235.2145 mpg (US)282.481 mpg (UK)
1 mile per gallon (US) =0.425144 km/L235.2145 L/100km1 mpg (US)1.200951 mpg (UK)
1 mile per gallon (UK) =0.354006 km/L282.481 L/100km0.832674 mpg (US)1 mpg (UK)

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