How to Calculate Fuel Injector Size

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Fuel Injector Size Calculator

Fuel Injector Size Calculator

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How to Calculate Fuel Injector Size :-

To calculate the appropriate fuel injector size, we need to consider several factors:

1. Engine airflow: The amount of air flowing into the engine is a crucial parameter. It is typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or pounds per minute (lb/min).

2. Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC): This is a measure of how much fuel an engine consumes to produce a unit of power. It is typically given in pounds of fuel per horsepower per hour (lb/hr/HP).

3. Desired air-fuel ratio (AFR): The AFR represents the ratio of air mass to fuel mass in the combustion mixture. The stoichiometric AFR for gasoline engines is typically around 14.7:1.

With these parameters, we can use the following formula to calculate the required fuel injector size:

Fuel Injector Size (lb/hr) = (Engine Airflow (lb/min) × BSFC) / (Desired AFR - 1)(alert-success)

Please provide the values for engine airflow (in lb/min), BSFC (in lb/hr/HP), and the desired AFR, and I'll calculate the fuel injector size for you.

Example: Suppose we have an engine with an airflow of 30 lb/min, a BSFC of 0.5 lb/hr/HP, and we want to maintain an air-fuel ratio (AFR) of 12:1.

Using the formula mentioned earlier: Fuel Injector Size (lb/hr) = (Engine Airflow (lb/min) × BSFC) / (Desired AFR - 1)

Substituting the values from our example: Fuel Injector Size (lb/hr) = (30 lb/min × 0.5 lb/hr/HP) / (12 - 1)

Simplifying the equation: Fuel Injector Size (lb/hr) = 15 lb/hr/HP / 11

Calculating the fuel injector size: Fuel Injector Size (lb/hr) ≈ 1.36 lb/hr/HP

In this example, the calculated fuel injector size is approximately 1.36 lb/hr/HP.


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