Gas Mileage Calculator

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Gas Mileage Calculator

Gas Mileage Calculator

Do you desire to compute fuel consumption in liters per 100 kilometers or kilometers per liter?

How to Calculate Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy is frequently quantified in miles per gallon, or mpg, in the United States. It represents the efficiency with which a vehicle utilizes fuel. Enhancing fuel economy can diminish the cost of covering the same distance.

Fuel Efficiency Formula

You can employ a straightforward formula to determine fuel efficiency. Divide the distance traveled in miles by the amount of fuel used in gallons to ascertain the fuel economy in mpg.

mpg = distance [miles] ÷ fuel used [gallons]

For instance, let's determine the fuel economy in mpg of a vehicle capable of traveling 100 miles while consuming 6 gallons of gasoline.

fuel economy = 100 ÷ 6
fuel economy = 16.67 mpg (alert-success)

Experiment with our fuel economy conversion calculators to convert mpg to L/100km or km/L.

To utilize this formula, you must know the distance traveled in miles and the quantity of fuel consumed.

Commence by completely filling up the tank of your vehicle. Ensure you record the odometer reading prior to departing from the gas station.

Subsequently, drive as you normally would and deplete at least half of the gas in the tank before refilling it.

At the gas station, document the new odometer reading. Then, refill the tank and note the amount required in gallons.

Calculate the distance traveled by subtracting the previous odometer reading from the current one.

distance = current odometer – previous odometer

Now, input the distance and fuel used to fill the tank into the aforementioned formula to determine your fuel efficiency.

Are you interested in endeavoring to enhance your fuel efficiency? Try our fuel savings calculator to estimate the potential savings achievable by improving your gas mileage and acquire some effortless tips to do so.

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