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Speed Converter

Speed Converter

Speed Conversion Calculators

Explore our comprehensive collection of conversion calculators for various units of speed. Simply choose one from the options below:

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Speed Units

Speed is a measure of how fast an object is moving. It can be represented in various units, including:

- Knot converters
- Mach converters
- Speed of sound converters
- Speed of light converters
- Mile per hour converters
- Foot per second converters
- Kilometer per second converters
- Kilometer per hour converters
- Meter per second converters
- Centimeter per second converters

What is Speed?

Speed is the measure of how quickly an object moves or the rate at which it covers a distance. It is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken to cover that distance: 

speed = distance / time.(alert-success)

Commonly, speed over land is measured in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h), while speed over sea is measured in knots. The speed of sound is approximately equal to 767.27 miles per hour or 1,235 kilometers per hour.

Speed Unit Conversion Table

Here's an overview of equivalent speed measurements in both metric and imperial units.

Convert FromKnotMachSpeed Of SoundSpeed Of LightMile Per HourFoot Per SecondKilometer Per SecondKilometer Per HourMeter Per SecondCentimeter Per Second
1 knot =1 knMach 0.00150.0015 sound0.000000001716 c1.150779 mph1.68781 ft/s0.000514 km/s1.852 km/h0.514444 m/s51.444444 cm/s
Mach 1 =666.738661 knMach 11 sound0.0000011441 c767.269148 mph1,125 ft/s0.343 km/s1,235 km/h343 m/s34,300 cm/s
speed of sound =666.738661 knMach 11 sound0.0000011441 c767.269148 mph1,125 ft/s0.343 km/s1,235 km/h343 m/s34,300 cm/s
speed of light =582,749,918 knMach 874,030874,030 sound1 c670,616,629 mph983,571,056 ft/s299,792 km/s1,079,252,849 km/h299,792,458 m/s29,979,245,800 cm/s
1 mile per hour =0.868976 knMach 0.0013030.001303 sound0.0000000014912 c1 mph1.466667 ft/s0.000447 km/s1.609344 km/h0.44704 m/s44.704 cm/s
1 foot per second =0.592484 knMach 0.0008890.000889 sound0.0000000010167 c0.681818 mph1 ft/s0.000305 km/s1.09728 km/h0.3048 m/s30.48 cm/s
1 kilometer per second =1,944 knMach 2.9154522.915452 sound0.0000033356 c2,237 mph3,281 ft/s1 km/s3,600 km/h1,000 m/s100,000 cm/s
1 kilometer per hour =0.539957 knMach 0.000810.00081 sound0.00000000092657 c0.621371 mph0.911344 ft/s0.000278 km/s1 km/h0.277778 m/s27.777778 cm/s
1 meter per second =1.943844 knMach 0.0029150.002915 sound0.0000000033356 c2.236936 mph3.28084 ft/s0.001 km/s3.6 km/h1 m/s100 cm/s
1 centimeter per second =0.019438 knMach 0.0000291550.000029155 sound0.000000000033356 c0.022369 mph0.032808 ft/s0.00001 km/s0.036 km/h0.01 m/s1 cm/s

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