Wheel Offset Calculator

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Wheel Offset Calculator

Wheel Offset Calculator

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How to Calculate Changes in Wheel Offset

When altering the dimensions of the wheel or utilizing a wheel with a different offset, the clearance within the wheel is affected. Modifying the offset results in the wheel either moving closer to or farther away from the vehicle, which can lead to clearance-related complications like rubbing or scrubbing.

Illustration depicting the impact of offset on wheel position in a vehicle.
A positive offset will bring the wheel closer to the vehicle, while a negative offset will push the wheel outward.

Determining the Alteration in Inner Clearance

When adjusting offsets, the following equations can be employed to ascertain the change in inner clearance resulting from the new wheel.

Commence by determining the distance between the inner edge of the wheel and the hub mount for each wheel:

inner distance from hub mount = (width ÷ 2) + offset(alert-success)

Next, calculate the alteration in inner clearance by subtracting the inner distance from the hub mount for the new wheel from the current wheel:

inner clearance change = current - new(alert-success)

In many cases, wheel width is measured in inches, while the offset is measured in millimeters. Ensure that all dimensions in the equations are in millimeters. Our inches-to-millimeter converter can assist you in swiftly converting between the two units.

Calculating the Change in Outer Wheel Position

The outer position of the wheel also shifts when the width or offset of the new wheel is modified. Utilize the following equations to determine the alteration in the outer position of the wheel.

Begin by finding the distance between the outer edge of the wheel and the hub mount:

outer distance from hub mount = (width ÷ 2) - offset

To calculate the change in the outer position, subtract the outer distance from the hub mount for the new wheel from the current wheel:

outer position change = current - new(alert-success)

When altering the wheel size on a vehicle, there will be a certain degree of error in the speedometer; you can gauge this using our speedometer error calculator.

You may also find our tire size calculator helpful for determining the size of new tires and comparing them to your current set.

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