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We offer a range of Conversion Tools designed to Convert any unit of measurement by using our free conversion calculators.

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Popular Converters

Angle Cooking Electrical Area
deg to rad g to mL kΩ to Ω sq ft to sq m
rad to deg mL to g MΩ to Ω sq m to sq ft
deg to mrad mg to mL Ω to kΩ sq mi to sq km
mrad to deg mL to mg mΩ to Ω sq km to sq mi

Energy Length Speed Fuel Economy
kcal to cal in to cm mph to km/h mpg to km/L
MJ to kWh cm to in km/h to mph km/L to mpg
MWh to kWh ft to m ft/s to mph mpg to L/100km
MMBTU to MWh m to ft mph to m/s L/100km to mpg

Temperature Volume Weight Time
°F to °C tbsp to cups lbs to kg sec to min
°C to °F cm³ to m³ kg to lbs min to sec
°F to K gal to L oz to g sec to hr
°C to K tsp to mL g to oz hr to sec

What is Unit Conversion?

Unit conversion involves the transformation of a physical quantity from one unit of measurement to another. For example, it could be converting your height from inches to centimeters.

The process of converting between units typically requires multiplying or dividing by a conversion factor, which allows you to switch from one unit to the desired target unit.

While it might initially appear complicated, it becomes much simpler once you become familiar with the specific conversion factor for the units in question.

Our conversion calculators provide you with the necessary formulas, conversion factors, explanations, and examples to easily convert from one unit to another.

Moreover, our converters ensure rapid and accurate results. Start exploring the various measurement quantities by selecting one above.

[1] Kenneth Butcher, Linda Crown, and Elizabeth J. Gentry, The International System of Units (SI) - Conversion Factors for General Use, National Institute of Standards and Technology,

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